Childrens Homes


We too have boarding for the poor children so that they can do their studies well. We have 14 boarding for the poor children. We are helping them to come up in life. In most of the Parishes we have schools and boarding for the poor children. In all of the boarding our priests look after them. There are about 28 priest working in the boarding looking after their needs. Many of the children come from the poor family. This apostolate is for the poor and down trodden children, so that they can come up in life to make their future bright. By providing them the basic needs we are enabling them to their further studies. We are forming them to be better citizens in the country. There are about all together 1500 boarding children. They are all staying in the boarding and doing their studies in our schools attached to it.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Barbashpur


The Barbaspur mission is situated about 80 kilometers from Diocese and 38 kilometers from the district headquarters Surajpur.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys’ Hostel:

In the beginning, children were not regulars for the school, as the parents sent them for grazing the cow or to look after the younger brothers and sisters at home. However the Fathers took a daring step to provide better atmosphere for studies, therefore they planned to open children home in the old parochial house. There are 85 boys in the children home and 120 girls in the children home run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons.

School and Boarding at Barbaspur: Rt. Rev. Patras Minj, the Bishop of Ambikapur blessed both the school as well as boarding. Fr. Binay inaugurated the boarding while Fr. Toni Kolb inaugurated the school on January 23, 2007

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Bhanria


Bhanria is a mission parish in the Catholic Diocese of Jashpur, State Chhattisgarh, India. It is 45 kilometers …

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys’ Hostel:

There are 135 boarders in the boy’s boarding built in the parish campus and there are 160 girls taken care by the Franciscan Sisters. These children are from remote villages where there are no facility to improve themselves in the field of education. These children given special care by providing additional classes, carrier guidance, motivational classes, guided counseling and strengthening their Christian faith. Children are taught to do basic manual works like gardening, cleaning of the campus, horticultures and so on. Thus, they learn the dignity of works.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Bishrampur


Bishrampur parish was established in the year 1971. It is a small town in the diocese of Ambikapur, in the civil district ..

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel

Bishrampur has a children home building with adequate rooms and beds for the children. There are two study halls for their study purpose. Bishrampur parish has a church, a priests’ residence, a convent and a school run by the Sisters of St. Carmel.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Kantapali


Kantapali mission is 65 KM away from the industrial town of Rourkela which comes under the Catholic diocese of Rourkela. The origin of the parish dates back to 1951

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Kuru


Kuru mission lies about 60 kilometers north of Ranchi on the Ranchi-Raigarh highway. The Kuru mission was started in 1984 without any residence.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Kuturwa

St. Vincent pallotti boys & girls hostel kuturwa

Kuturwa is an interior mission parish established in the year 1973 by the German Missionaries in the state …

Children Homes:

Kuturwa mission is established particularly to look after the tribals residing in the thick forest. They are mostly Catholics migrated from the neighboring districts. However, it was realized that education could be one of the means to spread the light of Christ. Thus children homes were started for both boys and girls separately in the mud houses. The Pallottine Fathers manage the finance of both boys’ and girls’ children homes with the help of benefactors. The Assisi Sisters run a dispensary; also assist the Fathers in the school and children home. There are 150 boys and girls in St. Vincent Pallotti children homes at Kuturwa.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Madanpur


Madanpur mission parish lies about 35 kilometers east of district headquarter Korba situated in the midst of a forest.

Children Home:

In 1979 children home for boys was constructed. The Pallottine Fathers look after the boys’ children home. The Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen take care of girls’ children home and run a dispensary as well. There are 85 boys in St. Vincent Pallotti boys’ children home at Madanpur

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Morga


Pallotti Vihar Morga is a remote mission Parish in the Archdiocese of Raipur, in the State of Chhattisgarh, India. ..

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys Hostel Pasan


This hostel is meant for the poor children.

There are Two Priests looking after the boarding

There are 140 children in the boarding.

St. Vincent Pallotti Girls Hostel Kapa Raipur


This Hostel meant for the girls who would like to peruse their college studies in our colleges and schools.

In this hostel children come from the mission stations

They come from the rich and poor families.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys /Girls Hostel Abhanpur

St. vincent pallotti boys & girls hostel abanpur

Hostel at Abhanpur: The newly constructed hostel for children at Abhanpur was blessed by Very Rev. Fr. Fritz Kritz on January 01, 2002.

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys/Girls Hostel Dongargarh

St. Vincent Pallotti Boys & Girls Hostel Dongargarh

This hostel is well established for the rich and poor children.

There is a residential School attached to it.